Course Overview

This course will teach you how to improve your movement, efficiency in striking and how to connect it to what you already know

The main focus of this course is to give you additional understanding of how, what and why the movement, coordination, weight distribution and other details will improve your general fighting skills. It will also show how they translate into Krav Maga and other Self defense styles as well as improve your generattion of power and skills to connect the movements with each other and with other skills like defenses and attacks.

This course is an edited live recording of an online workshop

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Fighting stance - Balance and movement

    • 4. Ramming Headbutt - Details

    • 6. Headbutt-Low-Uppercut-Hook

    • 7. Headbutt-Low-Uppercut-Alternatives

    • 8. Headbutt-LLow-Uppercut-LHook

    • 10. Headbutt-LLow-Uppercut-LHook-Cross

    • 9. Headbutt-LLow-Uppercut-LHook - Details

    • 11. Headbutt-LLow-Uppercut-LHook-Cross-BRKick

    • 12. LShoulder bump-BUppercut

    • 13. LShoulder bump-BUppercut-BHook

    • 14. Recoil vs Looping for double attacks

    • 15. LS-bump-BUppercut-BHook-Lhook-BCross

    • 16. LS-bump-BUppercut-BHook-LHook-BCross-BRick

    • 17. LS-bump-BUppercut-BHook-LHook-BCross-BSkick

    • 18. LS-bump-BUppercut-BHook-w-PStep

    • 19. Back hook w pivotstep - details

    • 20. LS-bump-BUppercut-BHook-w-PStep-Grab-Knee-Push

    • 21. Focus mitt work for the shoulder bump

    • 22. Alternative attacks mechanics Recoil vs Looping



Tommy Blom

Tommy Blom is a Krav Maga Master and a StrongFirst Master.

He has been active as an instructor since 1996 and has taught users and instructors from all walks of life - civilians to professional elites, - from all over the world.

Tommy is the creator of the concept Dynamic Power Striking which is a striking system based on Krav Maga, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, other striking styles and the principles of power generation found in kettlebell training for explosive power and strength.

Tommys main drive is to improve safety, skills and efficiency for the people in front of him, no matter if it is self defense, defensive tactics, strength, physical development or a mix of all the subject that he teaches,

Understand - Practice - Apply


Dynamic Power Striking is a concept developed for Self Defense, Tactical Applications and Sports to maximize efficiency.

IN DPS all weapons are utilized for attacking. Head, hands (open & closed), elbows, forearms, knees, legs and feet towards different targets.

DPS is easily combined with any style as it focuses on fundamental, powerful attacks and stances.

DPS is born from 25+ years of Striking in systems like Krav Maga, Boxing (Russian, Cuban, Mexican, American…), MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Lethwei and Sambo

This together with control from various grappling systems and combined with the power generation, movement and dynamics from physical development and training with kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight creates a very powerful striking system adapted to all styles.